R for Reuse: Reuse – is taking idle goods and materials and using them in their original form, either for the same purpose or something different.

Recycling – is where an item or waste material undergoes some kind of re-processing to make it into something new.

SOS Clothes is a social business that offers multiple beneficial services, we collect used textiles across the UK to recycle through Reuse and to Fundraise for charitable causes in the process.

Please note that SOS Clothes/Tree of Hope only distributes charity bags, SOS Clothes/Tree of Hope doesn't distribute leaflets. Be aware that bogus collectors have been posting fake Tree of Hope leaflets through letter boxes; do not donate if you receive a Tree of Hope leaflet. If you are ever in doubt about the validity of a charitable Tree of Hope/SOS Clothes collection then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01708 685 073 to check if a collection is a genuine collection or not.

 Who we are?

We recover and divert from landfill reusable clothing/paired shoes and fashion accessories and we provide a range of collection services which are operating across the UK.

SOS Clothes Ltd business area is collecting old yet wearable clothes which are then exported  for the purpose of Reuse to developing countries, where they are sold to families who cannot afford buying new clothes.

SOS Clothes Ltd is a social business which is dedicated to helping the society and environment. The company provides a commitment to improving the lives of people and a good service as well as the desire to increase the health of the Earth.

  Our ethos and mission is to help charities who empower people to make a better life, to promote good eco-friendly  behaviour through raising awareness about the environmental issues currently plaguing our world and to supply needy people in the developing world with affordable clothes which is reused and not discarded in our critical landfill sites.   



What we do?

Collect unwanted clothingWe collect unwanted clothing across the UK to protect our environment...
Help disadvantaged peopleWe offer an affordable source of clothing to disadvantaged...
We fundraise for charityWe fundraise for charity, promote and raise awareness about...

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Our donations to Tree of Hope
The fundraising scheme is being run by the appointed agent SOS Clothes Ltd and the Tree Of Hope Charity receives at least £100 for every tonne of clothing collected
For missed bags: arrange a collection