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BEWARE of Bogus Collectors operating in Stockport

Dear Residents of Stockport, please note that SOS Clothes/Tree of Hope charity is not operating in Stockport at the moment as we do not currently hold a license to operate in your area. We have received a couple of suspicious reports in Stockport that bags have been distributed there when we haven't been operating. Please note that Tree of Hope/SOS Clothes is not operating in Stockport at the moment. We will keep you informed when we are operating our licensed House to House collections in Stockport. If you live in Stockport and have recently received a Tree of Hope bag then please contact SOS Clothes immediately on 01708 685 073.

Thank you for your continued support! We are actively working with the Police, Action Fraud and the general public to tackle this problem which is badly affecting charities and their commercial participators.

TIP: Please note that leaflets and charity bags are usually distributed to households a couple of days before the intended collection day which will be indicated on the bag or leaflet. So if you manage to contact us before the collection day this will give us a better chance of stopping the bogus collectors on the collection day.

Thank you for your continued support!